"Where Numbers Meet" by Trinitron

released February 14, 2024, a valentines day to remember. Mark Weinberg: guitar, bass, synthesizers, vocals Ernest Intorrella: drums, samples, synthesizers all songs written by Mark Weinberg arranged by Mark Weinberg with Ernest Intorrella recorded on 2 inch tape at Volume IV, New Brunswick NJ in the winter of 2014 engineered and mixed by Brian Buccellato at Volume IV mastered by Nick Bolton at Bolton Sound in September of 2023 cover art by Christina Entcheva Where Numbers Meet video by Jon Sauer special thanks to John Terry and I Love To Hate Records for supporting and releasing this album. These songs are about the possibility of love -- for people, for places, for objects, but mainly for finding it within yourself, for once you do you'll begin to see it in everything -- and all around you.

I Love To Hate Records - 010