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Mark Weinberg
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Musician/Promoter/Recording Artist, Mark Weinberg works with a contemporary yet abstract palette, weaving tangible melodies and subtle textures through the use of processed electric guitar, vocals, and pre-recorded elements. Trinitron uses guitar to create a shimmering, looping soundscape reminiscent of film scores, or the ambient soundtrack to dreams. His hypnotic performances often incorporate visual media presentations. This is the sound of overflowing thoughts, distilled. In a world of chaos, Trinitron seeks the quiet center.

Trinitron was created in 2005 as the ongoing solo project of Mark Weinberg. Based out of New Brunswick, New Jersey, he has performed, recorded, and released music with Risk Relay, Beautiful Bear (Osa Bella), Walking With Cavemen, and Secret Photos and has opened for the likes of The Rapture, Ezekiel Honig, and Octant. He has curated and performed at hundreds of concerts, including the experimental festival, The Omega Sound Fix, which took place at the Alfa Art Gallery in New Brunswick in the fall of 2010. He also embarked on a successful tour of the mid-Atlantic during the summer of 2010. As Trinitron, he has released two recordings; a third, “A Quiet Echo,” is set for release via Love/Hate records in early 2011. Having cut his teeth amidst the New Brunswick basement show culture, and with a sound that crosses many genres, Trinitron is garnering attention both locally and beyond.


Mark Weinberg: Electric Guitar, Vocals, Samplers, Effects


  • CD: A Quiet Echo (Released 18 February 2011, Love/Hate Records, LH05)
  • CD: Hannah in Rhone (Released 2009)
  • CD: Ellipse (Released 2006)


A Trinitron show is often 15 to 40 minutes in length with no musical breaks. Largely instrumental sections ebb and flow from quiet to louder, with a focus on melody, arpeggiated textures, and pattern repetition. The Trinitron live arrangement is suitable and well-received in art galleries, rock venues, bars, warehouses, radio stations, and DIY spaces.


Basic Requirements

  • Stage Size: 8’ x 8’ Min
  • 1 Vocal Mic
  • Artist will arrive with:
  • 2 Guitar Amps
  • Electric Guitar
  • Small Folding Table For Gear
  • Ellipse


  • Hannah in Rhone

    Hannah in Rhone

  • A Quiet Echo

    A Quiet Echo